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24.Jane wanted to write book on her experience, but one thing or another always got in way.

A. a; the

B. The; a

C. a; a

D. The; the


25.—Are you ready for the speech?

— .I’m well prepared.

A.No wonder

B.No problem

C.It depends

D.Not really


26.Tom goes jogging and does push-ups every morning to stay .

A. In place

B. In shape

C. In order

D. In tune


27. struck most in the movie is the fathers deep love for his son.

A. What

B. How

C. That

D. Where


28.——Go and say sorry to your Mom, Eric.

—— I ‘d like to, but I am afraid she won not accept my .






29.——Can’t you stay a little longer?

——It’s getting dark, I really leave now. My daughter is at home alone.






30. Enjoying music at home is one thing, while going to hear it live is quite another.

A. perform

B. performing

C. to perform

D. being performed


31. I don’t think what he said is to what we are discussing. He has missed the point.

A. reliable

B. familiar

C. relevant

D. similar


32. I’m sure you will have a wonderful time you come to know everyone there.

A. though

B. unless

C. once

D. until


33. They have been working hard on the project and their efforts with success in the end.

A. reward

B. were rewarded

C. will rewarded

D. will be rewarded


I was driving in my car the other day. The sun was out, the radio was playing, and I was singing _34___. The song was a __35__ one and even my weak voice sounded good singing it. Then something annoying happened, __36__. The sweet sound of the music __37__ and was placed with the dreaded news break.

I drove on, listening to the news. Gas prices were going higher again__38___ the competitive speculative(Ͷ). on the Wall Street. The __39__for the presidency was getting boring and _40____. A violence had broken out when fans of a sports team had gone __41___, celebrating their team’s championship.

Finally, I could take no more and _42____the radio. Silence seemed __43____ to listening to anything about the crazy, competitive __44____we live in. I slowed down as I ___45___a local town and watched the people as I drove by.

A tall man was helping an elderly lady out of a car and helping her __46___her walker so she could go into store.

A smiling woman was _47___ food onto the square while a dozen birds flew down to enjoy the ____ being laid out before them.

A young man was walking along, carrying his two-year-old daughter safely in his arms. He tickled her __48____when she pulled the hat off his head, they both __49__. I laughed too as I looked at all of his kindness. The radio may have been off in my car, but in my heart I was ___50__ singing.
In truth, this world could __51___ more kindness and less competition. _52____makes us all winners in this life. Kindness show us that we don’t have to __53___others in this world, We just have to love them. May all moments be full of kindness, love and joy.

34. A. with B. over C. along D. about


35.A. sadB. joyfulC. calmD. angry


36. A. therefore B. however C. till D. though


37. A. continued B. broke C. departure D. ended


38. A. in case B. regardless of C. according to D. because of


39. A. race B. tour C. invitation D. claim


40. A. interesting B. disgusting C. exciting D. relaxing


41. A. bad B. wild C. hungry D. still


42. A. extended B. abandoned C. ridiculous D. hungry


43. A. more B. less C. better D. worse


44. A. society B. system C. institute D. organization


45. A. cruised B. entered C. emerged D. inhabited


46. A. design B. remove C. advance D. place


47. A. swaying B. throwing C. striking D. drawing


48. A. rigidly B. politely C. gently D. strangely


49. A. laughed B. shouted C. screamed D. sobbed


50. A. also B. even C. still D. already


51. A. maintain B. abandon C. observe D. contain


52. A. Kindness B. Rudeness C. Willingness D. Hopelessness


53. A. care B. comfort C. beat D. frighten


Have you ever been asked by your Chinese friends,“What is your zodiac sign?”If you say “I ‘m a Pig”they immediately know you are either 24,36,48 or 60 years old. Asking a zodiac sign is a polite way of asking your age. By showing your zodiac sign, you are also being evaluated. Maybe you don’t believe in the Chinese zodiac. However, as a quarter of the world population is influenced by it, you’d be wise to do something about that.

The zodiac signs is a 12-years cycle marked with animals, starting with a Rat and ending with a Pig. For example, if you were born in 2000, you are a Dragon. If you were born in 2001,you are a Snake. If you were born in 2002, you are a Horse.

Over thousands of years, the zodiac sign has affected the Chinese’s major decisions, some of which are quite amazing. In romantic relations, a Pig girl is believed to be in a perfect romance with Tigers, Goats and Rabbits, while Snakes are supposed to be their natural enemies. Some Chinese parents also try to avoid having babies with certain zodiac signs. That’s why January 2015,the last month for the Year of the Horse saw a common choice of cesarean section(ʹ) ahead of the expected date of childbirth. It’s not because they like Horse so much, but because babies born next month are Goats, which are a zodiac sign not favored by Chinese parents. A Tiger is another undesirable zodiac sign, due to its aggressiveness. Many Chinese regions saw a sharp decline of birthrate during those years.

The belief and traditional of the zodiac sign have been existing over thousands of years and the trend of using it in making major decisions has gone upwards for the past few decades. As China plays such an important role in the global economy and polities, Chinese culture and traditions have been influencing more people around the world.

54. What does the author mainly talk about in Paragraph One?

A. A polite way of asking ages

B. A brief introduction of zodiac signs

C. The influence of China in the world

D. The belief of foreigners


55. If you were born in 1989, what may be your zodiac signs

A. Snake

B. Tiger

C. Pig

D. Horse


56. Why did parents choose to give birth to babies in January 2015?

A. Because the doctors advised them to do so

B. Because it was the expected date of childbirth

C. Because babies born in January 2015 are Goats

D. Because parents preferred a Horse baby to a Goat baby


57. What can we learn from the passage?

A. A Pig girl has a perfect romance with Snakes

B. Chinese parents like babies with Horses very much

C. Neither Dragon nor Tiger is a desired zodiac sign for babies

D. Chinese culture and traditions have a worldwide influence


58. Where’s the passage probably from?

A. A novel

B. A film review

C. A magazine.

D. A commercial advertisement


VIII. 루1С⣬5֣


Ignoring new words is one of the reading skills. Learners should be encouraged not to look up or puzzle over every new word that they meet in a reading text. A research with native speakers indicates that a good way to encourage learners to ignore new words is to have questions at the beginning of reading texts, Then learners read with a purpose and do not worry about not understanding a few words in those parts of the text that do not contain answers to the questions Readers also skip unfamiliar words that seem not to be close to the theme of the text. Putting a time limit on reading is another good way.


IX. 1С⣬15֣

Have you ever felt stressed? What’s your stress? Write a composition in English about how your stress impacts on you and how you deal with the stress in your life. The title of the composition is My way to deal with the stress. The composition is required to contain at least 150 words.Please don’t mention your real name in it.


X. ѧƣ1С⣬10֣


Volunteering for the Special Olympics World Game

Liu Ming did not know what to expect when he volunteered for the Special Olympics World Summer Games in Shanghai, back in October 2007Now he thinks it was the most amazing experience f his life"It’s fantastic to work as a volunteer!" he says

The Special Olympics World Games give children and adults with intellectual disabilities a chance to show their skills to the worldThey include many events similar to those in the Olympicssuch as basketballfootball and swimming

Over 40000people gave up their spare time for the 2007 Special Olympic World GamesIt was necessary for these volunteers to receive training before doing the tasksThen they Provided support for the athletes and helped make the event a great success

"I was the swimming coach for a young boy from North China called Li Hai"says Liu Ming"He was born with intellectual disabilitiesIt was very brave of him to join the competitionTo Li Haithe most important thing is not to win a gold or a silverbut to take part inLi Hai tried his best and finished fourthHe feels more confident now because of the Special Olympics World Games"

The Special Olympics World Games also bring people togetherAthletes and volunteers from different backgrounds feel like part of one big family"It’s great for us to work closely with these special athletesYou get to help them achieve their dreams"says Liu Ming